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The mission of the Foundation is to promote innovations in healthcare and science, and to serve as a connector between our member organizations, in order to raise awareness of the Oklahoma Health Center's profile among business and governmental entities as a key driver of economic development.

Approved by OHCF BOD, January 23, 2014

The Oklahoma Health Center Foundation (OHCF) supports excellence in all aspects of the Oklahoma Health Center and helps drive its potential to attract and develop biomedical and biotechnical industries in Oklahoma. From cutting-edge biotechnology companies to government, education, patient care and community support institutions, OHCF serves as the facilitator to 25 world-renowned organizations. It oversees the campus Master Plan to establish the Oklahoma Health Center as the primary destination for health care and education; achieve a campus that supports the missions and strategic goals and increase the campus status as a major economic engine for the region.

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Top GovCup Business Plans Rewarded

University of Tulsa teams sweep High Growth Divisions, OSU-OKC wins Small Business Read More

Research team discovers lupus gene’s role

Research team discovers lupus gene’s role
Autoimmune disease researchers at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation knew a gene called BLK was important to lupus. They just had to find out why. Read More

Moving on Up! Oklahoma City Moves Up to #4

Moving on Up! Oklahoma City Moves Up to #4
It has been a miserable allergy season already and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) just ranked Oklahoma City as the fourth worst city for spring allergies. Tulsa was listed as 19th up from 21st place. Oklahoma City ranked ninth last year. Read More

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This new magazine includes feature stories on the Oklahoma Health Center, a campus map, Leadership Spotlight, and information on each of the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation's member organizations. To view the magazine, click here. 


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“Master key” for lupus genes could lead to new therapies

Using software designed at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, researchers have identified a common factor present in many lupus-related genes. The Human Genome Project, a 13-year endeavor that costs millions of dollars, ended in 2003 when scientists sequenced the human genome.  To read the entire article, click here. 


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